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Everyday Horse Care Tips – Caring For Your Horse

You just bought your first horse and everyone is so excited.  But what do you do now?  Previously, you just went to the barn and took lessons, but now you own your own horse, and there are a lot of new things that you are going to have to be responsible for that previously you were not concerned about.


It does not matter if the horse is kept in your back yard or at a boarding stable; you still need to take care of your new friend.

First off, get some good grooming supplies.  You will need to get a collection of brushes and combs to keep your horse healthy and looking good.  Most horses enjoy being fussed over, so grooming them is a great way for the two of you to bond.  It is not unusual for your horse to relax so much when you groom him that he falls asleep.

When you groom your horse, spend time checking him for any nicks and scrapes that he may have acquired.  Treat the small injuries seriously.  Quick and frequent treatment will keep a small injury from becoming a major injury.

When you groom your horse, spend time looking at his feet.  He is a big animal with relatively small feet.  It is vitally important that you keep his feet clean treated to prevent thrush and other hoof diseases from festering.

You also need to have his feet taken care of every six weeks.  If your horse spends a lot time on asphalt, concrete or rock soil, you probably need to have shoes.  If your horse is kept on softer ground you may not need the shoes, discuss this with your farrier.

You need to keep you horse stall clean.  You need to muck out the manure and wet bedding at least daily and add fresh clean bedding at least once a week.  Depending on the weather and other conditions, you may find that you need to clean the stalls more often.

You should keep sharp objects and split boards away from your horse to keep him from being injured.  Horses are naturally curious animals, and if there is a way for him to get hurt, he will.  It sometimes feels as if some horses just find ways to hurt themselves, even if you put them in a padded stall.  You just need to do your best to keep him safe and treat any injuries when they show up.

Training a Horse – Getting a Better Behaved Horse

Training a horse is all about making a horse to behave better. The trainer teaches the horse how to behave. Horses are usually trained for racing purposes or for recreational pursuits so that people can enjoy riding. It could be recalled that in the years past, horses were also trained to do farm work and also used for transport purposes. Well advancement in technology has relieved them of these last two. Horses are also used by the police in many countries for crowd control.

There are many ways or methods of training horses. All these methods have one thing in common: making the horse to be friendly, safe for riding and being able to be controlled by the rider. The horse’s behavior has to improve as there need to be an established relationship between the horse and the trainer.

Consider the following as you go about training your horse: Safety is vital – Horses are very strong animals. They are also bigger than humans. It is important that the trainer makes safety a key issue. The horse should never be allowed to unleash its power on humans.

Understand is key – The trainer and the horse should be able to understand each other. Without understanding, problems will definitely arise.

Horses are herd animals – you must understand that horses are herd animals. This means they look up to someone to provide leadership. That makes it easy for them to be controlled as they respect their human leader. The trainer must understand this and provide the needed leadership.

Horses are prey animals – Horses always look out for danger whether real or imaginary. It is in their nature to always look out for danger.

Train them when they are young – It is always easier to train younger horses than the older ones. There is need therefore to start training them early.

There are various horses training equipment that can be used in the training such as bits, spurs and whips. These training equipments help the horses to learn faster. However, these equipments should be used gently on the horses for better results. The equipments are to guide them in improving their behavior are not meant to cause pain to the horses.

If the equipments are used wisely, both the trainer and the horses will be better off for it.


Basic Horse Training Tips that You Should Know

Training a horse is not an easy task because there are just so many things that you need to learn. And one of the most important horse training tips that you need to do is to get familiar with your horse.

Since you will be training the horse, it is important to know its diet, moods, and behavior. Horses are like humans, too. You need to know how to handle them correctly so that you will be able to train them successfully. If you want to know more about some basic horse training tips, you should check out the list below.

training horse tips

It is important to know your horse’s diet. The kinds of food that your horse eats should depend on its breed and daily activity. For example, horses with hotter blood need less protein to prevent them from getting too excited. And if you think your horse is not too active, feed it more protein-rich foods.Another important thing that you should know about horse training tips is to know how to treat your horse properly. For instance, it is not good to feed the horse directly from your hand when you are giving it treats. Do not make them get used to begging for foods. When feeding a horse, place the food in a container or bucket, not on your hands.

Horses also love to receive soothing massage form their master. Do this on their mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. Massage these body parts gently and slowly. This will make the horse feel comfortable and less threatened. Remember that horses are scared of you at first. You have to let them overcome that fear by treating them gently. You should also use a soothing voice whenever talking to your horse. When reprimanding, do not shout at your horse. Instead, make a quiet “sssshhhhhh” sound repeatedly so that the horse will know if you agree to what it is doing or not.


The finest stallion’s in the world.

Have you seen a good breed Dutch horse running in a race in the USA?

The answer is probably yes, some of the finest stallions come from this part of the world. Do you know how the horse came to the USA from Europe? Originally It was from conquistadors in the 1500’s. Like other animals, horses can also be transported from one place to another. Many companies provide the services to your horses in moving them from one country to another. The transportation of the horse can either be local or even international. Some companies provide excellent facilities to your horses so that no problem happens to the horses while carrying them across the country. This process is called as horse transportation. HSI’s horse transportation has become a very renowned method of transporting the horses overseas because a lot of games and sports nowadays require horse for competitions. For example, it may be for horse racing, sports gambling, betting on racing horses, etc. Even, lately, visiting places on the back of the horses have become very popular. In Holland, one of the most popular ways of traveling is on the back of horses. Apart from recreational purposes, horses are used even in agricultural and factory works, for this reason, the want of high-breed horses have increased in the world, and this is where horse transportation comes handy.


Many companies transport horses internationally. But, while choosing the international horse transporter, you need to be careful about some facts so that you can choose the best one. Among all the horse carrier, the best one who ship the horse to the international destination is IHT. They ship horses all over the world, and they are doing business for more than forty years. So, if you choose them, you can be assured that they are experienced handling customers as well as they know what are the primary need of a client regarding the transportation of the horses.

They provide service via all three ways as in road, sea, and air. Though the international service is available only by air, they ship horses everywhere inside Europe via road. They also use the sea to provide stable to stable service for the ease of their clients. Whether it is a top athlete horse, a brood mare or even a Shetland, they take care of each and every horse equally. The client may take their service for one horse or a hundred horse the IHT caring for each and every horse equally. They give all the necessary foods and medicines that a horse need. The airlines or the cargo used for the transportation of horses are of very high quality and have a large space where the horses can travel comfortably. They provide excellent service at an affordable price because the satisfaction of the clients is their primary concern. They will also arrange all the necessary documentation as well as medical reports needed for the international transportation of the horses.

There are other companies who provide this service but if you judge in respect of price, quality and service then no one can beat the service provided by IHT. Read what Gillian Kluge’s says about the industry.

When is it recommended to use gadgets to assist in training horses?

There is always a mixed reaction from people when talking about the use of gadgets to assist in the training of horses. In todays world of ever advancing technologies, research and training techniques there are more gadgets than ever and something that will apply to most training situations. Some people do not like to use them, others dont like to ride without them. Some of the more popular and well known training aids include side reins, the chambon, market harboroughs, de-gogues and the pessoa.

gadgets training horses

Ideally we would not need training aids to help us with our horses but sadly because our abilities and our horses abilities are rarely perfect so we often opt for a helping hand. In many circumstances, when used correctly, training aids can be of benefit to bot horse and rider, this is not always the case though if they are used irresponsibly or incorrectly, making the dangerous and detrimental. Advantages of the use of relevant training aids can be seen when the horse is guided into e.g. the correct outline or a softer contact. This can prevent the rider from beginning an argument with the horse and only slowing any progress down. In these instances having assistance in getting the horse to perform in the manner required the horse can learn how and will therefore know what is required when asked by their rider.

What is important to remember is that it is always best to ask yourself whether you really need to use the training aid, rather than to use it just to be fashionable. If you are unsure, speak to an experienced horse person and discuss the benefits and possible disadvantages of using them. If you do decide to use one be sure that you know and are shown how to use it properly. Remember, it is possible to re-school successfully without the use of gadgets, and with the use of a little perseverance.


Horse Training Tips for Beginner

If you are interested in horse training but you are still unsure whether to try your hands on it or not, you should consider getting more information about different horse training tips for beginners.

Being successful in horse training is very fulfilling and many people consider it as an achievement. After all, training an animal, and a big one at that, is something that not all people can do. And for you to be able to become a successful horse trainer, you should know some basic horse training tips. Here are some horse training tips that you should be familiar with.


It is important to have the right attitude when training a horse. Do not let the animal feel that you are nervous. It will not only make you unsuccessful in your first try but it can also be dangerous. When horses become skittish, they can throw you off their backs or kick you with their hooves. Or they might run away and hurt other people in the process. Make sure that you exude confidence and you let the horse feel that you are his master. When you read several horse training manual or book, you will realize that there is more than one discipline that horsemen follow. You have to know there is not one perfect discipline in training a horse. Each discipline works best in certain situations. You have to know which one works best for you and your horse.

You also have to constantly learn new things about horsemanship. Do not think that you can be a successful horse trainer overnight. Training a horse is a long two way process. You have to be patient. Do not expect your efforts to be easily rewarded after only a short time.

These are some tips that every horseman should know for him to be able to break in a horse successfully.