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willaimHHi my name is William. I am 18 years old, and I LOVE HORSES!!! Last year my parents bought me a beautiful horse named Spirit. and for the last six months I have been training and competing in Rodeos.

It takes me twice a week to ride and groom Spirit and sometimes my cousin Austin or one of my sisters comes along to keep me company. It’s fun to share my passion for horses with them.

My ‘G-pop’ got me this website, because I asked him to teach me how to make money on the web, (like he does!), and so this was the perfect site!

I hope you enjoy all my FREE ‘daily-updated’ articles and videos about training horses. If you see an interesting book or other product from one of my advertisers, and you happen to click on it or buy it, I THANK YOU….as I plan to save the commissions I make  for my college tuition, to fulfill my dream of becoming a Large Animal Vet!!!



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