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The finest stallion’s in the world.

Have you seen a good breed Dutch horse running in a race in the USA?

The answer is probably yes, some of the finest stallions come from this part of the world. Do you know how the horse came to the USA from Europe? Originally It was from conquistadors in the 1500’s. Like other animals, horses can also be transported from one place to another. Many companies provide the services to your horses in moving them from one country to another. The transportation of the horse can either be local or even international. Some companies provide excellent facilities to your horses so that no problem happens to the horses while carrying them across the country. This process is called as horse transportation. HSI’s horse transportation has become a very renowned method of transporting the horses overseas because a lot of games and sports nowadays require horse for competitions. For example, it may be for horse racing, sports gambling, betting on racing horses, etc. Even, lately, visiting places on the back of the horses have become very popular. In Holland, one of the most popular ways of traveling is on the back of horses. Apart from recreational purposes, horses are used even in agricultural and factory works, for this reason, the want of high-breed horses have increased in the world, and this is where horse transportation comes handy.


Many companies transport horses internationally. But, while choosing the international horse transporter, you need to be careful about some facts so that you can choose the best one. Among all the horse carrier, the best one who ship the horse to the international destination is IHT. They ship horses all over the world, and they are doing business for more than forty years. So, if you choose them, you can be assured that they are experienced handling customers as well as they know what are the primary need of a client regarding the transportation of the horses.

They provide service via all three ways as in road, sea, and air. Though the international service is available only by air, they ship horses everywhere inside Europe via road. They also use the sea to provide stable to stable service for the ease of their clients. Whether it is a top athlete horse, a brood mare or even a Shetland, they take care of each and every horse equally. The client may take their service for one horse or a hundred horse the IHT caring for each and every horse equally. They give all the necessary foods and medicines that a horse need. The airlines or the cargo used for the transportation of horses are of very high quality and have a large space where the horses can travel comfortably. They provide excellent service at an affordable price because the satisfaction of the clients is their primary concern. They will also arrange all the necessary documentation as well as medical reports needed for the international transportation of the horses.

There are other companies who provide this service but if you judge in respect of price, quality and service then no one can beat the service provided by IHT. Read what Gillian Kluge’s says about the industry.

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