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Training a Horse – Getting a Better Behaved Horse

Training a horse is all about making a horse to behave better. The trainer teaches the horse how to behave. Horses are usually trained for racing purposes or for recreational pursuits so that people can enjoy riding. It could be recalled that in the years past, horses were also trained to do farm work and also used for transport purposes. Well advancement in technology has relieved them of these last two. Horses are also used by the police in many countries for crowd control.

There are many ways or methods of training horses. All these methods have one thing in common: making the horse to be friendly, safe for riding and being able to be controlled by the rider. The horse’s behavior has to improve as there need to be an established relationship between the horse and the trainer.

Consider the following as you go about training your horse: Safety is vital – Horses are very strong animals. They are also bigger than humans. It is important that the trainer makes safety a key issue. The horse should never be allowed to unleash its power on humans.

Understand is key – The trainer and the horse should be able to understand each other. Without understanding, problems will definitely arise.

Horses are herd animals – you must understand that horses are herd animals. This means they look up to someone to provide leadership. That makes it easy for them to be controlled as they respect their human leader. The trainer must understand this and provide the needed leadership.

Horses are prey animals – Horses always look out for danger whether real or imaginary. It is in their nature to always look out for danger.

Train them when they are young – It is always easier to train younger horses than the older ones. There is need therefore to start training them early.

There are various horses training equipment that can be used in the training such as bits, spurs and whips. These training equipments help the horses to learn faster. However, these equipments should be used gently on the horses for better results. The equipments are to guide them in improving their behavior are not meant to cause pain to the horses.

If the equipments are used wisely, both the trainer and the horses will be better off for it.


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